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“Year after year; the music, the decorating, the gift giving. When will it ever end?” he said as he rubbed his brow.


“As soon as one year comes and goes Mr. Jolly himself starts on the next thing.”

He growled, and then began to devilishly smile.


“Well, if he just can’t leave things alone then perhaps what he needs is more of every-thing. Things of all manner, and not just Thing One and Thing Two. That’s it, indeed. This ends here and now! No more on my watch and not in my hood!”


He jumped up with poise and purpose, “I’m going to save everyone by ending this nightmare of a holiday once and for all. I’m going to put a stop to Christmas! And I’ll do it with all the Things, not just Thing One and Thing Two!”


No sooner had he spoken did the Grinch began to dart through his lair and make the preparations he needed to bring down Christmas Town.


So, as the holidays wind down, come and participate in one more epic holiday event! Join Santa and his elves as they prepare for next Christmas or join the Grinch and his army of Things as they vow to end Christmas once and for all on January 15th & 16th TXR Paintball in Cypress, Texas.

Game Mechanics


Commander Announcement

First is the big jolly guy in the red suit, we have JR Farrell portraying Santa Clause, complete with his own take of the big red guy with skinny pants and all. He has played for more years than he can remember and everyone around him loves his positive and uplifting attitude.


Also, a family man, time ticks closer and closer to the days his little ones join him on the field. His team has traveled the country and has played in events all over pulling in award after award. They give no quarter; they are Type 3.


Of course, you can’t have Santa without The Grinch!


Once again, the role of the Grinch will be played by the man that has truly embraced what it is to be green and fury. There aren’t many that are as excited and full of life as Goon Montoya. He infects all those around him with his never-ending smile and love of the game. His entire family plays and he can be seen often walking his kids around introducing them to new people. He comes from a team known wide and far for bringing their all to an event, and they have the accolades to show they mean business, the Aztecs.

Registration Options

Side Choice:

1. Grinch – Goon Montoya from Aztecs
2. Santa Clause – JR Farrell from Type 3
3. Place as Needed
4. Donation (for players that won’t be attending but want to donate)


Entry Prices

Early Bird – $45 by 12/18/2021
Pre Reg – $55 by 01/03/2022 (online registration closed)
Walk on After 01/04/2022


Paint Prices

$65 for Regular Paint
$75 for Premium Paint
$85 First Strike’s



To be decided

Event Details


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