What is a TXR Scenario game?

A TXR Paintball Scenario is a one-day or two day event (overnight camping available) based on a storyline from a movie or video game played on the entire playing field in a large field format. Scenario Paintball features many aspects that you don’t get in other forms of play such as snipers, engineers, medics, demolition experts and more. While these are all simulated, they add new excitement to the game.


How does a TXR Scenario game work?

The players are split into sides, each side will have a Commander. Each Commander will receive missions from “Central Command”. The Commander will need to assign groups of players and teams to attempt to complete these missions for points. The missions vary from defending a position on the field for an amount of time, securing objects such as game props, recon missions and more. Once the game comes to an end then the points are totaled up and one side wins.

If you are eliminated as a player in the game, you will need to return to your Base/Reinsertion located on each side of the field. All a player needs to do to reinsert into the game is to tag up on the and shoot one ball over the chronograph at 280 or under to get back into the game.

There will be 4 medics on each side (Commanders pick), they will be wearing white arm band tape and their side color. Medics can run and heal (Reinsert) any player by touching them, but they can’t heal head shots.

The game ends with all side coming together playing one EPIC “Final Battle: that leaves everyone exhausted, but eager for the next event.