Grinch in Da Hood


Da Grinch has taken over Who-Ville and totally trashed Santa’s old hood. In fact, he’s done turned it into “Da Hood” and dat ain’t right! Da Grinch and his homeboy, Maxx the Dawg, been makin’ Da Who’s manufacture and push his tensile all over town. You can’t buy, sell or bribe nobody or nuttin’ in this town without some tinsel currency. Those who refuse to join his operation be droppin’ like flies. Yo, what’s an honest Who to do?

Mayor Augustus May Who and Police Chief Andy Who be spending all dere time runnin’ a shady gamblin’ den instead of keepin’ Who-Ville safe. Both be as crooked and dirty as the road up Mount Crump, Da Grinch’s old crib.

The only peeps in Who-Ville, dat ain’t workin’ for Da Grinch or da Mayor, are workin’ in Betty Lou Who’s Night club, or workin’ the streets for Drew Who, da pimp of Who-Ville. The only good girl dat be left is Cindy Lou and she “AIN’T goin’ back” to work for Betty Lou, and she’s definitely not gonna be “turrnin’ tricks” for her bother Drew. So, she texted her old homey Santa, from back in the day when Da Hood was still a dope place to stay.

“Yo, Santa Baby”, she texted one night, “The stank be getting’ real up in here.
I’m up to my extension wit da pimp and his hoes. I ain’t goin’ back to Betty Lous, and I ain’t makin’ tensile for the Da Grinch, but I ain’t got no options”. “Da word on the street is Da Grinch is planning to wall in all of Who-Ville so cain’t nobody leave. The Po-Po and Mayor all be on the take, Santa, you gotta help me!”

Da Hood be getting’ worse by the hour! Drive-by’s on Betty Who’s Liquor and the Speedy Mart done taken out the last honest Who’s willin’ to stand up to Da Grinch.

Santa didn’t waste no time. “I got you, Boo,” was Santa reply, “we be rollin’ in ten. I got you.”

Santa grabs his boys, Mr. Do Good, a few of his butt kickin’ elves and the reindeer posse, and gets ready to go to war. He calls in favors wit two crews he ain’t seen in a while, The Diads and the Dwarf Lords, and dey agree to back his play. He’ll be rollin’ in heavy when he bounces Da Grinch from Who-Ville.

Da Grinch ain’t  playin’ no fool. He’s got his top dawg Maxx and Da Pond at his back, as well as da Bad Elf’s and de Who-Daddy’s. He ain’t given up Who-Ville without a fight. But Santa won’t rest til he shuts down dat tensile lab, showers all da Who’s wit Christmas cheer and crowns somebody the new “Cheer Master” of Who-Ville.