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Summer Bash RED vs BLUE Big game.

10-Hours of Running and Gunning.

The event will be 10 hours game played as a large field format with 10 flag station.

Each station will be scored 100 points at the top of each hour based on what color flag is up. The scores will be added up at the end of the game to see which team wins.

Each side will have a base, your base will be your insertion point. You must tag up on your base to complete insertion. (no wait time)

Each side can have up to 4 medics, head shots can’t be healed.

There will be no tanks, choppers, laws or demos in this game.

Pre-registration May 27, $40.00 includes all event air and Event Shirt

Walk-on’s $55.00 includes all event air

2000 Paintballs $60.00

1000 Paintballs $45.00

250 Box FSR $85.00

  • Friday night camping opens 12pm
  • Friday Registration opens 5pm – 8pm
  • Saturday Registration opens 8am
  • Saturday Game On 10am
  • Saturday Game Over 8pm
  • Saturday night camping
  • Saturday Night 8:30pm – 12am Player Party

Saturday Night VIP Player Party 8:30pm – 12am

  • Food and Drinks
  • DJ Music
  • Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament (Win an Emek Marker)
  • Tetherball Tournament (Win an EVS Mask)
  • Corn Hole Tournament (Win an GI Pod Pack)
  • Kids Jenga Tournament (Win an BT Slice Marker)
  • 21 or older Beer Pong Tournament (Win Dye Rotor 2)